Heather Covert | Damin Farm | 1200 milking cows

We appreciate APS and their willingness to come to our farm, as we strive to create a healthy and safe learning environment and with the help of APS we are doing that.

Alan Winsor | Winsor Acres, Inc. | 1100 milking cows

We have been very pleased with the service we have received from APS.
After an accident, their additional support helped us work through the problems while still maintaining a full staff to keep the milking center operating smoothly.

Dave Bomberger | Meadow Wood Farms | 800 milking cows.

I have been a satisfied APS customer for 9 years and they have always provided a reliable and loyal workforce. I can count on their Spanish translation help 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Farm in Northern New England | 200 Milking Cows

Jim, a dairy farmer in northern New England, was growing increasingly frustrated with his situation. As the owner of a 200-cow dairy farm, his milk production, somatic cell count and butterfat content were not at the levels he wanted them to be. He was too tied up with the daily demands of his operation: milking, feeding and bedding the cows that he didn’t have time to take the necessary management steps for improving the quality and quantity of his milk production. Adding to his stress level was the never-ending task of searching for reliable employees to work on his farm. After a conversation with a fellow dairy farmer and APS client, Jim called APS. Two weeks later, APS representative Peter Conlon arrived with Martin and Adrian, and change immediately began on Jim’s farm. Martin and Adrian spoke little to no English and had no previous experience working on a dairy farm, challenges Jim thought would pose major obstacles. On-site, bilingual training and follow-up phone support helped tremendously, but the most obvious benefit was APS’s expert screening and selection of two capable men with strong work ethic and desire to learn. During a follow-up on-site visit less than two weeks later, Jim gave an outstanding report. He reported that his cows had never been milked better, his parlor and milk room had never looked cleaner, and his employees had never been as reliable and motivated as his two recent hires were. They both showed up on time, ready to do the best job they could for every work shift, Jim said proudly. And to top it off, they were eager to learn whatever task he showed them. The changes over the next few months were remarkable. With Jim able to get back to hands-on management of a crew willing to milk the cows properly and clean up and take care of the barns the way he wanted, the cows responded positively. The dairy started consistently hitting quality bonuses for somatic cell count and butterfat content. Milk production increased noticeably. Farm inspections resulted in the highest scores the farm had ever seen. The number of mastitis cases decreased almost as much as Jim’s stress level. After experiencing such positive results in the milking parlor, Jim decided to have his new crew take over most of the barn scraping and calf care as well. This gave Jim the opportunity to begin focusing on other parts of his diverse farm: growing organic feed, custom cropping and roasting soybeans. APS supported Jim throughout the transition and serviced the farm through monthly, on-site, employer-employee meetings to iron out personnel issues, provide training and plan for the future. And most importantly, APS handled employee transitions when the time came for Adrian and Martin to return home to their families. Jim said he called APS at a crucial crossroads in the farm’s life. He admits, “I was two good workers away from selling this farm.” His only regret was not having called APS sooner.

Briggs Farm | Addison, Vermont | 160 Milking Cows | Dale Briggs

APS has facilitated the incorporation of Hispanic workers on our farm. Without APS it might have never taken place. Also, the professional advice and translators have made a very steep learning experience pleasant. They have shown us how versatile these workers can be on a small farm.

Damin Farms | Prattsburg, New York | 600 Milking Cows | David and Mina Covert

We have worked with APS for the past year and find them to be very competent and professional in dealing with the Hispanic labor force that we now employ. APS quickly handles any problems that arise from employing a labor force that is culturally different from what we are accustomed to. We can highly recommend APS and are pleased to be associated with them.

Mount Rock Jerseys, LLC | Newville, Pennsylvania | 500 Milking Cows | Dan Mains

With the help of APS, Mount Rock Jerseys, LLC has been able to stabilize its workforce. We have had 0% turnover in the past year.